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A Remote Session Testimonial

We hear so many great stories every day about how the Harmonic Egg has changed lives. Here is another testimonial about a client who is doing remote sessions since she lives far away from any centers:

“Remote Harmonic Egg Treatments have greatly helped my cousin in Colombia, who was living with daily pain due to issues with Lupus; Fibromyalgia; poor quality of sleep; and unable to enjoy most foods or eat out with family without getting severely ill…thanks to Diverticulitis. My cousin had no idea about this healing, but gratefully I discovered Gail and her Harmonic Egg, and I felt this treatment could help my cousin. My cousin is thousands of miles from her treatment Egg, so she needed remote sessions. Let me share with you how effective this treatment is as long as the willingness and intention are there.

After the initial Harmonic Egg treatment, she was able to sleep naturally and deeply without the aid of medicine. She could once again eat foods like steak and seafood, and even beans without upsetting her stomach. Her pains and joint inflammation continued to lessen until now, after 6 treatments in the Harmonic Egg, her pains are mostly gone and she has weaned herself off most of that medication as well.

She even released her fear of flying and fear of the ocean, and finally traveled with her now older children and did both without having to take any anti-anxiety meds. Her children were so surprised to see she was boarding the plane before anyone else, and jumping the ocean waves with her grandchildren. And she ate on that vacation more than they saw her eat in years, because she actually could enjoy the food and was not getting ill.

I have seen in my cousin’s vast health and quality of life improvements and I can confidently say there are no limits to what can be treated by the Harmonic Egg. And Yes, Remote healing is just as effective. That’s the beauty of what Gail has brought together at this time, this is an effective treatment for our energy bodies. What I can recommend is this: don’t limit yourself, just give it a try! What do you have to lose? Pain? Yes, at a minimum you may risk losing lots of pain, and add to that the side effects of extreme joy and amazing sleep.

Thank you again for all you are doing and for helping me, my Mom and my cousin so much.”

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