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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Harmonic Egg is only a fraction of what we offer at our studio. Our own experiences, journeys, and paths have led us to this divine collaboration. We trust in the body's innate ability to heal itself while offering additional modalities and therapies that complement this journey together.

Our Story

The fall of 2021 offered an opportunity to visit a Harmonic Egg in Cochrane, Alberta. One of the first in Canada. Since that experience of tingling, emotions and an exposure to a feeling of lightness that couldn't initially be explained as much as it was felt, we knew we were in for a ride. With curiosity and full trust we moved forward into a new realm.


Since then, we have added more hours to the studio and numerous products designed to promote the well being of everyone. We pay attention in great detail to the quality, processing and ingredients of every item in our studio.


We offer the best breathwork on the planet. From a school with the highest trained facilitators from the longest running breath school in the world, we have learned that the body only creates dis-ease when we are not in alignment with our true authenticity and holding onto old patterns and beliefs, pain and trauma that aren't serving us anymore. Survival mode only works until is doesn't.


We are currently offer local healers to be present in our space to share their gifts as well. If you or someone you know can contribute to our local community, please connect.  


Whether you are looking for connection, guidance, healing or inspiration or just to be seen or heard, we offer our support.  Stop in for electrolyte tastings, to experience the egg and/or the space, or to borrow a book from our extensive self-help, new age library.

Meet The Team

Our Brands

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