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"If people go in there (the egg) and they have a lot of stuff to clear, they are going to clear it....great for cellular regeneration. Most use only fractals of this technology, while Gail has combined, light, sound and the capsule."

-Elizabeth April (cosmic channeler, public speaker, spiritual influencer and celebrated artist)

“I honestly am still finding words. I felt a different vibration and continue to feel it. I have been hydrating. I have increased sense of calm, perspective, and I feel lighter- and the world feels lighter.”


"There is no organ system in the body that's not affected by sound, musci and vibration. You can look at disease as a form of disharmony."


“What a relaxing experience today. The stress has been too much lately. This was a very welcome session. I look forward to the next week when I really start to process this session. Thank you”


“Prior to going into the egg I could not lift my arm past my shoulder. I was pleasantly surprised that now I could lift my arm above my head with hardly any pain at all.”


"The medicine of the future will be music and sound."

-Edgar Cayce

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