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In studio, you will find products suited for health and wellness, along with an extensive library and resources. Stop in for the experience, or book your session now and begin your journey.


The Harmonic Egg® is a resonant chamber that delivers a bio energy therapy that restores the body’s balance and promotes healing. It utilizes the energy found within the body to allow cells to reset and re-balance and encourage natural healing. This innovative technology gives wellness practitioners a tool to provide energy therapy for their clients to repair, de-stress and relax the body.

The Harmonic Egg® uses sacred geometry, light, color, and sound frequencies to empower the body’s own healing energy. By amplifying energy resonance within the chamber, the client receives an energy therapy that is precisely controlled, consistent, and repeatable.

Our mission is to offer the Harmonic Egg® healing to improve the lives of our clients. 

Anxiety & Stress
Relaxation therapies have been shown to improve overall health, including both the body’s ability to heal and the mind’s ability to cope with stress and anxiety. Clients tell us that they have experienced relief from the hypervigilance of PTSD, and from career, relationship, and health-related stress and anxiety.

Pain & Injuries
Pain is a warning signal from the brain. To experience pain relief, the brain and autonomic nervous system must be satisfied that no warning is necessary. The Harmonic Egg works with the body’s own energy coursing through the nervous system to calm and rebalance this energy. With this  energy therapy, we have seen significant pain relief, a reduction in inflammation, and a general improvement in physical healing among clients. 

The vibrations from music are not limited to hearing, and are enjoyed by the deaf by being picked up by their muscles and bones. The skin can bring nutrients to the body when exposed to light. The Harmonic Egg® envelopes the body in light and sound, so the whole body can heal.

Illness & Disease
Good health results from a multi-faceted combination of elements such as good nutrition, physical activity, proper sleep, and stress management. Resonant frequency therapy takes a different approach than conventional medicine in that it balances the whole body instead of only targeting symptoms. While we encourage clients to take generally recommended steps to improve nutrition, fitness, sleep, and stress management, the Harmonic Egg  treats the whole body rather than symptoms. The relaxation that the therapy provides may contribute to better health. 

Clients with undiagnosed “mystery illnesses” have experience healing with the Harmonic Egg’s sound and light therapy. The body has a great capacity to heal itself. The Harmonic Egg  helps to focus that healing energy in ways that can lead to better health and a better life. 

Mental Clarity & Sleep
Those who face life with brain injuries, autism, learning disabilities and neurological disorders often find little help through traditional medicine and even many alternative therapies. 

Bio healing and energy therapy   employed through the Harmonic Egg  provide an alternative that can re-establish balance within the autonomic nervous system. For many clients, several sessions in the chamber of the Harmonic Egg  provides a system reset that results in greater focus and clarity as well as alleviating stress and anxiety and improving sleep.


Spiritual Healing
By channeling bio energy initiated by the Harmonic Egg, many who have come to us emotionally and spiritually depleted have found new strength. 

Ancient Chinese and Hindu medicine use the meridians of acupuncture and chakras to explain how bio energy that is blocked or unbalanced can result in physical or spiritual illness. These theories also explain how the Harmonic Egg  works to bring about spiritual healing. 

Among our clients are many holistic healers and naturopaths who find that the Harmonic Egg  is a reliable way to replenish spiritual health when they begin feeling depleted. The sound and light therapy from the Harmonic Egg  results in a mind-body connection for holistic healing and spiritual rejuvenation.

Pet Health
Remote/virtual Harmonic Egg  sessions are usually what we recommend for pets (and for humans who cannot make the trip to a Harmonic Egg location). 

If employing a remote session, a photo of the pet is placed inside the egg. The pet and its owner should remain in a safe, quiet space during the 50-minute session. They may also wish to experience the Harmonic Egg  music (which can be purchased from our studio) while they relax in their remote location. 

When caring for our four-legged family members, it is more difficult to identify results since they communicate differently than humans. Those who live with pets day in and day out will know, though. Read the testimonials to see what pet owners describe. 


For clients that may not have the ability to travel to the studio or do not want to do a session in person, we offer distance or remote sessions. Although we believe there is more healing power in a physical session, distance sessions are a great solution for those who cannot experience a session in person. With our current comprehension of therapies and their effect on the body, it can be difficult to comprehend how one might benefit from a session without being physically present.  

Although understandings of the biofield have been recognized and utilized throughout many ancient cultures, they are only beginning to be understood in our modern world. These concepts continue to be studied in the newly emerging field of Biofield Sciences. Each and every one of us has an energy body or biofield. Research of the biofield offers a broader understanding of our energy fields and how they affect biological regulation and information flow. When working with our energy body or biofield, it is not necessary to be in the same physical location to affect it.

Please inquire with us by email for more information about Harmonic Egg Distance Sessions!

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