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Mountain Springs Essential Oils

We have IN STORE 26 different essential oils from Banff, Alberta sourced from all over the world. They were made bottle to order and shipped right to us. Testers in store. Prices vary from $10-$20.

Mountain Springs Essential Oils

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  • Mountain Springs was founded on the idea of creating beautiful, all-natural products and building a company that truly means something. From a small office in the Rocky Mountains of Canada over 21 years ago, founder Antony Neves began using his talent and passion for biochemistry to create essential oil products to meet the unique needs of customers across North America.

    Antony’s passion to help people discover the time-tested benefits of essential oils drove him to travel to many distilleries, learning their processes and obtaining one-of-a-kind products directly from the manufacturers. He is proud of the personal relationships we’ve formed with growers/distillers around the world, introducing many new exotic oils and base products to our customers.

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